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Jeffrey Daniel

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Thank You

Let me start right at the beginning as I cannot forget where I came from and the people that made many things in my life what they are.


My Family

In loving memory of my loving mother Jeanne Mae Daniel who taught me music and dance as a child but most of all how to express love and be proud of who I am.

My older sisters Janice & Joyce (my first dance partners)

All my love to Amber, Jourdin, Jeli and Ryunouske.

In loving memory of my godfather "King of Gospel" Rev. James Cleveland and Godbrother Andre Cleveland.

Tony Tate Jr. nephew (the hardest dancer in the family) Johnette, Donte Player and Makini.

The Soul Train T.V. Show & Shalamar

Don Cornelius and Dick Griffey my mentors and door to the world.

Chuck Johnson friend and former manager.

My dearest partners Howard Hewett and Jody Watley and the greatest producer and creator of the Sound of Los Angles - Leon Sylvers 111 and Carolyn 'Babygirl' Griffey - Shalamar's new female member.

My Dance Brothers

Cleveland Moses Jr. Tyrone "The Bone" Proctor, Geron Casper Candidate, Derek Cooley Jackson, Michael Jackson, Bruno Taco Falcon, Poppin Pete, Skeeta Rabbit, Leland Ferguson and Lil Jeff, Robot Dane Parker, Sinbad, Jimmy and Ammo - The Twilight Players, Robert Vinson.

Special People

The father of Street Dance - Don Campbell (inventor of locking and 'The Lockers')

'Boogaloo Sam' Solomon and The Electric Boogaloos (inventors of the boogaloo and popping)

Tyrone 'The Bone' Proctor (pioneer of Wack dancing)

Tony Cornelius and all the 'Soul Train' dancers past and present.

Captain Krunch and the Funky Bunch members, Grand Rapids , Michigan (my first and last band) still sounding good!

His music will live forever - Luther Vandross

Tunde Babalola (my personal manager)

Michael Jackson, Babyface, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Paul McCartney, Andrew Llloyd Webber, Kansai Yamamotoo, Michiko Koshino (my Christian sister)

FM North Wave Sapporo Japan , Gordin Ellsburry, and Jonathan Ross

6.20 Soul Train, Anri, Janet Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, and La Toya Jackson, Johnny Gill, Vanessa Williams, Spike Lee, Hype Williams, Don Newton, Roberts S, The Sallie family, Willie Winters, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Neptunes, OutKast, Gregory Hines, My J-Pan Soul Artist Lady M, Sexy Yumiko, Kana, Pak, Kenta, Yasuyo, Sayaka, Gabby, and Zion, Vijay Buchar, Patrick Allen (London's 10 Rooms), Jessie Tsang, Denis and Mia Polovina.

Dear friends,

How can I even write this message through my tears of mourning and tears of Joy?

Tears for the Joy Michael Joseph Jackson gave us over the years and the Joy of listening to his Angelic voice and the Joy of his unparalleled performances!

The world has truly lost a Special Soul and there will never be another Soul in this world like Michael Jackson.

As we get over the shock and sorrow, let's emerge with the knowing that he has ascended to a higher plain and is welcomed by our Heavenly Father who can say to Michael “Job Well Done My Son".

I am truly honoured to have been a part of his career and have him as my Dance Brother.

I can't thank him enough for allowing me to be in his productions as I’m sure are the many musicians, dancers, directors, singers and anyone who were blessed enough to have worked with or known him as the sweet and kind human he was.

Please listen to his songs and reflect on his influence on your life and this world. He played a huge part in trying to heal us all with his art and love. Let's pray for the strength of his parents and family members as they mourn the loss of their dear Michael who they raised and shared with the world.

This is one of the darkest days in my life and I’m trying to be strong in God's mercy. God Bless the soul of our Beloved Michael Joseph Jackson. Please pray for him and his family and especially his children.

Love, Jeffrey Daniel