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Shalamar Tour Dates: Info

Jeffrey Daniel

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October 2019 UK Tour Promo Video

November 2016 UK Tour Promo Video

June 2016 Let's Rock Bristol Interview.

June 2016 Documentary.

April 2016 UK Tour Promo.

April 2015 Mi-Soul Interview With Mike Vitti.

2012 Bad 25 with Spike Lee.

Jeffrey Daniel - Nigerial Idol Judge

For the last 5 years Jeffrey Daniel has been living in Nigeria and has been a judge for the Nigerian Idol TV show which started broadcasting in November 2010. The show was one of the top rated shows in Nigeria.
Full details are at the Idol website

Jeffrey Daniel - DDD Magazine Issue

There`s an amazing issue of the Japanese DDD magazine - one of Japans biggest dance and fashion magazines with a cover story of Jeffrey with photos from his childhood all the way through his school days, Soul Train, Shalamar, MJ, Africa, U.K. and Japan. This is a must see. The order site is being translated into English and a link will be posted here shortly so that copies can be ordered online. This is one of the most indepth interviews that JD has ever given. The story takes up the majority of the entire magazine and this is the first time the magazine is available to the international community in both English and Japanese.

To order your copy please visit

Jeffrey Daniel on BBC London News

Jeffrey Daniel in Reminiscin’ Magazine

Jeffrey Daniel Live in Maidstone
Review in Blues and Soul Magazine

Jeffrey Daniel performed live on Saturday April 29th in Maidstone UK.
This is how Blues and Soul Magazine rated the show.

Jeffrey Daniel feature in The Soul Survivors Magazine.
(the link opens pdf in new screen)